According to the Brooking Institute's Living Cities Report, Indianapolis ranked first among the 100 largest US cities whose Latino population has increased (86.1 percent) between 2000-2007. The greatest population increases will be in Hamilton, Bartholomew, Marion, Elkhart, Lake and Hendricks counties. But while the Latino population has been increasing, Latino educational achievement in Indiana has been lagging.

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With rising college costs, some believe today's students are majoring in debt. A new state survey shows about 70 percent of Hoosier students who would be the first in their family to go to college--don't believe they can afford it. In this segment you'll hear about the cost and returns students are facing.

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More and more high school students are earning college credit while still in high school. Apart from the AP (Advanced Placement) route, these pilot projects offer "early college" transition programs with a number of Indiana's universities and Ivy Tech for students who may not have been considered "college material." These dual credit programs have the potential to save students time, save their families thousands of dollars - while increasing college access and success rate for at-risk students statewide. They are also part of workforce development.

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With high unemployment and the recession, it's a perfect storm. Business, government and education leaders agree that one way to weather it is to use higher education as the path to higher employment. One in five jobs in Indiana are in manufacturing and logistics: that sector remains Indiana's economic backbone. In this segment, "Staying Competitive," you'll hear about some solutions -- and the increasing role that "stackable credentials" and portable credentials" can play in building a workforce pipeline to keep Indiana competitive. You'll also hear about changes and new directions from Indiana's Workforce Development, Conexus, and Indiana's Commission for Higher Education, Governor Daniels and two national labor experts.

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Record numbers of students -- here and across the U.S. -- are returning for a postsecondary degree. Many are working adults, with families and limited budgets who must go to school part-time. Across the country, nearly 50 percent of all students attend community colleges. In Indiana, that number drops to about 20 percent. Why are community colleges called the engine of economic development -- and what's happening with Ivy Tech in Indiana?